Tools to ensure your bus and coach fleet runs efficiently and safely.

Fleet Solutions for the Public Transport Industry

Having a reliable telematics solution to monitor both drivers and vehicles enables bus operators to manage their performance when it comes to safety and efficiency. MiX Telematics customers, for example, are saving an average of 10% on their fuel costs.

According to ABI Research, the emergence of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and smart city initiatives mean that more and more public transport operators are turning to, and implementing, telematics technologies to keep up with changing requirements.
Fleet Solutions for the Public Transport Industry

Among other features, operators choose a fleet management solution to:

  • Monitor driver behaviour to improve fuel efficiency and reduce accidents.
  • Ensure the safety of their passengers.
  • Locate their vehicles to determine on-time arrivals along predetermined routes and at scheduled stops.
  • Locate vehicles within a yard to facilitate servicing and licensing procedures.
  • Monitor vehicles’ trip durations as well as drivers’ working hours.

Bus & Public Transport Fleet Management Software

Tools to ensure your bus and coach fleet runs efficiently and safely.

  • Improve fleet safety

  • Improve fleet efficiency

  • Improve driver and fleet security

We help you maximize the efficiency of your bus fleet.

Public Transport Fleet Management Solutions

When public safety is in your hands, you need a bus fleet management solution that keeps your passengers safe, your drivers on time, and your buses running. Managing buses and coaches across numerous routes efficiently and effectively has become a challenge. Creating a route and a schedule, knowing where your vehicles are at any given time, making sure your drivers use safe driving practices, and reducing fuel and maintenance costs are some of the many issues you face everyday. Add to that, managing employees and meeting regulatory mandates, and you have more than a day's work in front of you.

MiX Telematics harnesses modern technological advances to develop smart fleet management solutions for all of these challenges. We save you time and money, so you have more of both. 

Get Key Insights into Your Public Transport Fleet's Performance

The MiX Fleet Manager Premium software platform keeps track of all the action: where each vehicle in your fleet is, how your drivers are driving, how much fuel your fleet is using, and when buses and coaches in your fleet need maintenance. It's packed with features to help bus fleet management, and it's completely secure.

The rising cost of fuel has a significant impact on fleet businesses. But with MiX Fleet Manager Premium, not only can fuel consumption be monitored and reduced by up to 15% in some instances, but behavioral aspects relating to efficient and safe driving can be detected and corrected thanks to advanced reporting and analytics.

Buses and coaches that are driven well will perform better and need less maintenance. MiX Fleet Manager Premium gives you the tools you need to monitor, manage and improve driver behavior. This will increase not only the efficiency but also the safety of your fleet.

Getting the most from a fleet of buses is another major concern. Activity timelines are a great way to illustrate usage patterns and help boost fleet efficiency. In addition, the ability to manage service and licensing schedules with automated reminders will make sure your drivers are in compliance.

Benefits of MiX Telematics for Bus Fleet Management

When you are in charge of public transport fleet management, tracking your vehicles is just the beginning. You also need immediate access to meaningful information about your drivers and buses in real-time. MiX Fleet Manager Premium does just that. This end-to-end solution gives you all the tools you need to keep your fleet running safely and efficiently.

  • Advanced Tracking

    Advanced Tracking gives you a real-time view of where each bus is located and which driver is behind the wheel. It also tracks safety behaviors, such as speed, driving direction, ignitions status, driving violations, past trips, and more.

  • Proactive Monitoring

    Proactive Monitoring lets fleet managers get information from live streams, see event information, as well as send and receive messages and better monitor priority trips.

  • Robust Reporting

    Robust Reporting lets bus fleet managers review and analyze data in dynamic and customizable formats, including movement, location, trip, utilization, driver scoring, fuel, event violations and cost analysis.

Optional Services, Add-Ons, and Accessories include video recording, in-cab navigation, jobs and messaging, satellite communications, driver engagement, hours of service, and trip management.

How MiX Fleet Manager Premium Works

The MiX Fleet Manager Premium solution gives you unlimited access to information about your vehicles and drivers, with a host of features, tools, and reports to help maximize return on investment (ROI). These solutions include sophisticated on-board computer, which collects and transmits valuable vehicle and driver data. This data is hosted in one of several top-tier data centers, and information is accessible online or via a mobile app (for Android or iOS).

  • MiX Vision Smart
    Camera Technology

    MiX Vision smart camera technology gives you footage of what happened before, during, and after an event such as a crash or an accident. You'll know if your driver's behavior contributed to the incident. You can use this information to help reduce risky behaviors or prove that it wasn't your driver's fault.

    • Tamper-proof, in-vehicle road-facing and infrared driver-facing camera captures road and driver views on video.
    • Optional external cameras give you a more complete picture.
    • On-demand high-quality video available for review when needed.
    • Event-triggered video option lets you choose which events are automatically recorded.
    • Sound captured on all videos with time, date, speed, and RPM displayed.
    • High-resolution video of the previous 72-hour period. Available upon request.
    • Live streaming from a total of 8 cameras available.
  • MiX Journey Management

    • Fully integrated extension of MiX Fleet Manager Premium to manage risk.
    • Flexible journey approval process based on the risk rating of driver, environment and assets.
    • Tracking system that automatically monitors journeys and vehicles.
    • Real-time notifications about route deviations, vehicle location, and status updates.
    • Electronic road hazard assessment checks potential hazards and stores information for future journeys.
    • Automated compliance checks on driver licensing and certification.
    • Robust reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and visualization of data.
  • MyMiX™

    • Driver scoring and ranking to keep track of driving habits.
    • Scores available for one driver across multiple vehicles.
    • Drivers can review events such as speeding or harsh braking on a map.
    • Fleet managers can message one or all drivers at any time.
    • Fleet managers can review driver login activity to monitor engagement.
    • Task management platform that lets you assign and send jobs to drivers on the go.
  • MiX Ribas®

    Working in conjunction with MiX Telematics GPS Tracking Devices, MiX Ribas helps drivers improve how they drive. It gives drivers real-time feedback so they can change their behaviors as they drive. This helps you manage the performance of your drivers and vehicles, reduce fuel use and carbon emissions as well as accident rates.

    When mounted on a vehicle’s dashboard, the RIBAS® device utilizes five LED symbols:

    R = Ride Comfort

    I = Excessive Idle

    B = Harsh Braking

    A = Harsh Acceleration

    S = Over Revving

    You can customize the device’s configuration so that the alerts it provides are the most effective for your drivers.

    Our solution consistently demonstrates the following savings:

    • 20-80% Reduction in accident rates
    • 35-85% reduction in speeding
    • 10-25% improvement in fuel economy
    • 40-65% reduction in depot & location idle down
    • 85% reduction in harsh braking
    • 85% reduction in harsh acceleration

    Benefits of MiX RIBAS

    • Driver behavior improvement -- Instant feedback allows drivers to change their behavior before an unfavorable event is recorded.
    • Improved fuel efficiency – our customers achieve fuel consumption savings from 10-25%.
    • Reduced maintenance costs – as driver behavior improves, undue wear and tear is reduced, thus maintenance costs are lower.
    • Improved environmental regulatory compliance – with less excessive idling time, your fleet’s carbon footprint will be reduced, keeping you in compliance with environmental regulations.
    • Reduced accident rates and severity – with fewer speeding and harsh braking incidents, your drivers have fewer and less severe accidents, saving lives and money.

Service for Life from MiX Telematics

When it comes to bus & public transport fleet management, Mix Telematics gives you a host of services that go beyond the technology, implementation and troubleshooting to get you up and running quickly. Our relationship only begins when you choose MiX Telematics. We'll be with you through thick and thin.

Our Service for Life means just that. It covers implementation services, data-capture service, expert and helpful support services, and benefit realization services, all designed to make sure you get the most out of your investment. We do more than pay lip service to giving you safety and value, we live it.

Our subject matter experts are trusted industry advisors providing you with the hands-on expertise you need to take your business forward. With decades of experience across the business world, MiX has the necessary in-house expertise to advise you throughout the contract.


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