Oil and Gas customers reduce risk, lower accidents and operate more efficiently when using MiX Telematics solutions.

Oil and Gas

MiX Telematics has partnered with customers in the Oil and Gas industry for over a decade. During this time, we have become experts in developing products and services that enable operators to comply with QHSE regulations specific to their industry and region.

Customized solutions by MiX Telematics enable Oil and Gas companies to run smooth operations and ensure the safety of their workforce. Drivers, for example, are equipped with tools to enhance their driving style, which in turn reduces the number of accidents.
Fleet Telematics Solutions for Oil and Gas

Our reliable and cost-effective solutions incorporate functionality that includes:

  • Compliance monitoring like Hours of Service and IFTA State Line Crossing
  • Real-time driver behavior monitoring
  • Driver identification and driver scoring
  • Trip and vehicle utilization reports
  • Consultancy, including risk assessment and road safety strategy development
  • Targeted driver training including defensive driver training
  • Oil and Gas customers affiliated to MiX Telematics include JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (Qatar), Qatar Shell, Schlumberger, and Basic Energy

Why Choose MiX Telematics as Your Gas and Oil Fleet Management Solution?

  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Risk
  • Increase Efficiency

We understand the oil and gas industry and have solutions for your unique needs.

Challenges Facing Oil and Gas Fleet Management

The challenges facing oil and gas companies today put added emphasis on reliability, safety, efficiency, and cost. At MiX Telematics, we understand how oil and gas fleet tracking can impact your bottom line. Oil and gas fleet tracking involves everything all fleets need, with an added layer of safety and security.

  • Driver safety
  • Compliance with ELD mandate
  • High vehicle use
  • Demanding, dynamic schedules
  • Strict performance standards
  • Vehicle maintenance

At MiX Telematics, we understand those issues and have solutions that can give you peace of mind about how your fleet is operating.

Minimize Fleet Downtime

Downtime for your fleet is much too costly for your business. Helping to reduce, and even eliminate the chances of downtime, oil and gas fleet tracking hardware and software can alert you to factors that might affect your fleet, such as:

  • Weather conditions
  • Difficult terrain
  • Traffic issues
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Driver behavior

MiX Telematics for oil and gas fleet management can help you keep track of all your drivers and vehicles, alert them and you to complications such as road hazards, weather conditions, and schedule changes all in real-time.

In addition, MiX Telematics can help you monitor the condition of your vehicles and your drivers' habits to minimize downtime.

  • Get updates on your vehicles' conditions
  • Help you develop better routes for trips
  • Inform you of traffic conditions wherever your vehicles are
  • Recommend better driving practices
  • Report speeding, harsh braking, and excess idling
  • Communicate in real-time with your drivers

Savings on Fuel Expenses

Oil and gas fleet management solutions

One of the main reasons fleet managers are turning to fleet management systems, regardless of the size of their fleet, is the significant savings they get in fuel expenses. By tracking fuel consumption across trips, analyzing road conditions and driving trends, MiX Telematics helps you find the causes of fuel wastage in your fleet. You get a detailed picture of your fleet's daily trip expense trends. You can use this information to create a plan to reduce or eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Tracking these factors can help you reduce fuel expenses and root out other unnecessary expenses:

  • Trip duration
  • Number of stops
  • Acceleration rate
  • Idling time
  • Road and traffic conditions
  • Driving behavior
  • Location and route

Better Driver Communication

It is not uncommon for oil and gas production to involve several different facilities from the extraction site to the refinery to final product delivery. Your fleet may be spread between several locations at the same time. In these instances, communication is essential. With MiX Telematics, you can keep in touch with your fleet wherever they are.

  • Drivers can communicate with each other and fleet managers
  • Fleet managers can communicate with all drivers at once
  • Warnings and notifications can be sent to managers and drivers

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Stay on Top of Your Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance keeps your vehicles on the road longer and your drivers safer. But, keeping track of and inspecting hundreds of vehicles across oil and gas fields is almost impossible for fleet managers. These vehicles run long distances and travel through different terrain, often rugged, that takes its toll on them.

But, in such a volatile industry, safety definitely comes first, and cannot be compromised in any way. MiX Telematics fleet management system monitors the maintenance and upkeep of the health of your vehicles. It reports on their status so that you can schedule the appropriate maintenance on the right schedule.

Oil and Gas Fleet Safety and Risk Management

oil and gas telematics solutions

Oil and gas fleet risk management is all about safety. Oil and gas fleets often operate in rugged, difficult terrain. Safety hazards can pop up unpredictably, which means you have to take precautions to make sure your working environment is safe. With an oil and gas fleet management system from MiX Telematics, you can be sure you will get increased safety with no compromises on efficiency. In addition, you'll get alerts on safety policies and compliance regulations for different vehicles and jurisdictions. That's a win-win for everybody.

  • Live stream information on events and messages to and from your drivers
  • Real-time alerts on hazardous weather conditions
  • Real-time view of a vehicle's position and which driver is behind the wheel
  • Information on driving direction, speed, driving violations, and past trips
  • Hours of Service (HOS) solution to staying compliant with FMCSA's design, performance and technical specifications
  • Status of wear and tear on vehicles in your fleet
  • Driver scoring, fuel use, event violations, and cost analysis reports
  • Location, movement, utilization, and trip reports

MiX Telematics fleet management software reduces instances of negligence and alerts you to hazardous conditions that put your fleet operation at risk. Our electronic logging device (ELD) was specifically designed to manage and maintain your oil and gas fleet's compliance with the HOS rule by tracking your drivers' RODS electronically, making paper logbooks obsolete.

ELD Mandate for Oil and Gas Risk Management

As an oil and gas fleet manager, you have a unique challenge. Your fleet must comply with the ELD mandate, but you also need a solution that is built for your industry. ELDs fitted by MiX Telematics meet those requirements.

  • Secure and tamper-resistant
  • Location data captured at ignition, when the engine is turned off, whenever the vehicle moves, and at least every hour
  • Connected and synced to the vehicle's engine
  • Grid/graph format displays driver information as it changes throughout the day
  • Errors and malfunctions within the HOS system detected and recorded automatically
  • Data transfer to enforcement officers via USB, when needed

We make complying with the EDL Mandate as painless as possible. In addition, you get many benefits such as:

  • Reduced paperwork – according to the FMCSA, an ELD can save drivers 19 hours a year by eliminating the paperwork involved in filling out a RODS. It also eliminates the need to keep paper logs.
  • Better planning capability – since you can instantly find your drivers' status whenever you need it, you can better plan their time and their routes.
  • Lower crash rates – drivers who use electronic logs have measurably lower crash rates than those who don't use electronic logs. This also includes preventable crash rates.
  • Compliance made easy – when drivers and businesses comply with the ELD mandate, they can take advantage of other electronic compliance solutions such as the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).

MiX Telematics Case Studies

The oil and gas industry has unique issues, and we understand them. See what our satisfied customers have to say.

Total Marketing and Services Case Study

Total Marketing Services chose MiX Telematics because we had the capacity to handle their fleet of 4,500 vehicles. Since implementing our solutions, Total Marketing and Services has experienced a 17.54% reduction in harsh acceleration and severe braking events as well as a reduction of 88.89% in speeding.

Archrock Case Study

"… unquestionably helped us identify and reduce or eliminate unsafe driving behavior – leading not only to significant dollar savings but also helping to improve our overall safety profile."

-  Grady Kelly, Senior Manager: Asset Management, Archrock

Archrock saw an 8-12% increase in monthly fuel economy and more than 12% in annual fuel economy (2017).

Praxair Case Study

"To integrate safety and economic driving to reduce fuel cost and CO2 emissions is a fantastic approach in terms of corporate responsibility."

- Joachim Walter, Praxair

CGG Case Study

"We have not recorded any accident for which we have been held responsible for several years, our drivers are more focused and consequently perform better."

- Grégory Niellez, Director of Land Operations for CGG

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