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    While all industries with fleet vehicles share some similarities, they each also have diverse needs that cannot be served by a one-size-fits-all solution. Industries that use GPS tracking need a flexible solution to meet various needs that is also robust enough to respond to the changing requirements of any industry.

    GPS tracking and telematics are becoming the norm for industries that use commercial vehicles in their daily operations. Telematics providers in the USA with a wide range of flexible and scalable solutions provide various industries with easy-to-use solutions that help them focus on their business.

    MiX Telematics offers fleet tracking solutions tailored to the industries below.

    • Public Transport

      A fleet management telematics solution tailored to public transportation is the best answer to the complex problems fleet managers face every day. Routing efficiency, locating fleet vehicles, safety compliance, and managing costs are all issues they have to tackle.

      • Identifies assets that are under or overutilized
      • Sets notification to schedule preventative maintenance and minimizes costly fleet downtime
      • Uses geofencing to get real-time visibility into fleet vehicle locations
      • Provides data in a format that makes analysis efficient
      • Monitors trip durations and drivers working hours
    • Oil and Gas

      Oil and gas industry fleets face unique challenges when it comes to ensuring safe and productive operations. As one of the premier telematics service providers in the USA, we equip your fleet with software that helps fleet managers keep things running smoothly and safely.

      • Maintains compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) and IFTA State Line Crossing
      • Tracks movement of vehicles and other assets
      • Lets fleet managers monitors and coach driver behavior in real-time
      • Manages driver safety with real-time alerts and driver scorecards
      • Develops targeted driver training, including defensive driver training
    • Security

      When your business is keeping other people's valuables and money safe, you want your business to run with minimized risks and operational costs. Telematics providers in the USA, such as MiX Telematics, provide tools to keep you and your cargo safe and arriving on time.

      • Helps recover stolen cargo faster and easier with GPS tracking
      • Improves visibility into fleet vehicles movements and locations
      • Sets geofences and get alerts when vehicles move out of specific areas
      • Reduces operational costs with automated maintenance schedules, improved dispatching, and lowering insurance rates
      • Offers better protection to their drivers, customers and the wider public
    • Mining

      While many of the challenges of fleet management are universal, there are many that are unique to the mining industry. As one of the most prominent telematics providers in the USA, we understand the mining industry and its challenges.

      • Helps mining fleet managers assign and schedule equipment and vehicles
      • Provides insight into payload, machine cycle time, loading performance and more
      • Offers tools that set production targets and check them against real-life performance
      • Monitors material movement to ensure operators are on the right haul routes and alert them, in real-time of road hazards and delays
    • Emergency Services

      Secure and sophisticated fleet management solutions offer emergency service providers the fleet-wide insight they need to ensure driver and passenger safety.

      • Allows dispatchers to follow vehicle locations in real-time to make sure they reach their destination safely and quickly
      • Improves driver safety scorecards and seat belt detection
      • Reduces the fleet's running expenses and helps it stay in budget
      • Offers real-time communication that helps keep drivers safe
      • Provides advanced dashboard reports for analysis
    • Government

      The challenge for government fleets is to operate safely and economically, making the most available resources. MiX Telematics' government GPS tracking solution helps improve operations, makes it easy to track vehicles, monitor diver behavior, and stay on top of vehicle maintenance.

      • Provides greater vehicle visibility that improves response times
      • Improves efficient use of resources and helps reduce expenses
      • Helps fleet managers coach drivers to reduce aggressive driving and accidents
      • Automates vehicle maintenance and plans for downtime
    • Construction

      When you manage a fleet of vehicles in construction, you have to know where all your assets are and make sure they get where they need to be. MiX Telematics offers GPS tracking tailored to the construction industry that provides an all-encompassing solution for vehicles, drivers and assets.

      • Provides better visibility when managing multiple job sites and resources
      • Improves fleet visibility for managing multiple job sites and resources
      • Include tools to manage paychecks and make billing more accurate
      • Offers effective tools for safer driving behavior
      • Automates maintenance scheduling that increases equipment uptime
      • Improves asset security with GPS tracking and geofences
    • Utilities

      When there's an outage, utility fleets need to be on the move and fast. They need fleet management software that provides the visibility to get the power back on quickly, efficiently, and safely. MiX Telematics offers fleet management software that helps utility fleets quickly locate and dispatch their drivers.

      • Provides real-time GPS vehicle tracking that lets utilities respond quickly to outages.
      • Helps improve fleet safety with driver scorecards and coaching tools
      • Stores and presents data on asset utilization, excess idling and harsh acceleration for analysis
      • Prevents costly downtime by automating maintenance scheduling alerts
    • Transport and Distribution

      Moving people and products from one place to another is just the beginning. To stay competitive, transport and distribution companies need to maintain a strong safety record while delivering on time. At MiX Telematics, we help distribution companies do just that.

      • Dispatches crews more efficiently and improves customer service
      • Uses dashcam to help assess driver behavior and coach them to improve
      • Provide data on aggressive driving and excessive idling that can be used to improve fuel efficiency
      • Automates scheduling alerts to help reduce costly unplanned breakdowns and downtime
    • Rental and Leasing

      Stand out from the competition with rental fleet management solutions that help you track vehicles, engine diagnostics, and payment processes through an easy to use dashboard and mobile app. MiX Telematics solutions can elevate your services, making you more attractive to potential customers, and ultimately grow your business.

      • Provides accurate mileage reporting
      • Integrates securely with back-end systems
      • Automates fleet vehicle maintenance schedule
      • Tracks stolen vehicles and aids recovery
      • Stores information on every vehicle 
    • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

      When you transport perishable and breakable goods, keeping tabs on these goods and getting them to their destination intact and on time is crucial. With detailed data and insights, MiX Telematics helps you protect your cargo, comply with safety standards, and more.

      • Provide vehicle, driver, and load data in real-time and historically
      • Optimizes routing for the entire fleet
      • Helps reduce fuel usage and accident rates
      • Minimizes wastage and damage to consumer goods
      • Improves safety and regulatory compliance (HOS, ELD)
      • Improves customer service and build trust
    • Landscaping

      With MiX Telematics fleet management solutions for landscaping, you can increase your company's productivity with real-time tracking that lets you reroute the nearest driver to jobs, plan more accurate routes, and monitor driver behaviors.

      • Provides complete visibility of workforce, assets, and costs
      • Tracks fuel usage and idling trends
      • Automates vehicle maintenance schedules
      • Compares personal vs. business miles
      • Optimizes routes to reduce fuel costs
      • Offers advanced dashboard reports
    • Food Delivery

      Whether your company delivers food and beverages to restaurant or grocery stores or is comprised of food trucks for special events and regular lunch routes, fleet management can be handled efficiently with MiX Telematics' fleet management solutions

      • Helps improve driver safety and avoid risks
      • Manages vehicle maintenance with automated maintenance scheduling alerts
      • Monitors fleet fuel consumption and help you take action to reduce it
      • Optimizes dispatching and routes to that trucks arrive on time and improve customer service
    • Small Fleet Management

      Small fleets have many the same challenges as larger ones but often fewer resources to handle them. This means small feet managers juggle many roles to keep the fleet running smoothly. With tools specifically for small fleets, MiX Telematics addresses their complex challenges.

      • Helps improve aggressive driver behavior, reducing accidents and improving fuel efficiency
      • Provides more accurate arrival time estimates on scheduled routes and stops
      • Automates preventative and predictive maintenance scheduling
      • Offers real-time communication with drivers to keep operations running smoothly
    • Pest Control

      From improving fleet efficiency to improving billing, pest control, MiX Telematics fleet tracking can help pest control fleets perform at their best. This advanced technology empowers fleet managers with tools that give them enhance insight into their fleet.

      • Provides tracking data that improves fleet efficiency
      • Sets up in-cab alerts that let drivers know when they are speeding so they can self-correct
      • Reduce aggressive driving behavior, excess idling, and seeding to improve fuel efficiency and reduce fuel costs
      • Optimizes fleet operations with improved routing and predictive maintenance
      • Supplies robust reports that help fleet managers make informed decisions
    • Telecom

      Fleet performance and the ability to deliver consistent, high-quality, and on-time customer service directly impacts a telecom company's reputation. With MiX Telematics for telecom fleets, you can keep your fleet on time and on the road while keeping your customers happy and satisfied.

      • Increases productivity and efficiency with improved scheduling and dispatching
      • Alerts fleet manager when vehicle travel outside of pre-set geofences
      • Improves fuel costs by monitoring excessive idling, aggressive driving, and speeding that use excess fuel
      • Optimizes routes to avoid traffic, improve safety, and serve more customers
      • Automates preventive and predictive maintenance schedule alerts, avoiding unexpected downtime and excessive costs

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