bpost, leading Belgium postal operator and global logistics partner, reaches and exceeds their sustainability goals using MiX Telematics comprehensive fleet management solutions
bpost is the leading postal operator in Belgium and fast-growing logistics partner within Europe, North America, and Asia. They offer a wide range of services for the whole e-commerce supply chain. bpost aspires to be a market leader in sustainability, working towards making their fleet as eco-friendly as possible. By utilising MiX Telematics’ fleet management technology and getting the hands-on support of Rauwers, a long-term MiX channel partner, bpost’s drivers are now operating more economically to limit fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions, among many other benefits.
"The consistent service level, support and dedication shown by MiX Telematics and Rauwers has given bpost the confidence that we chose the right service provider for our long-term fleet strategies. The immediate savings and the 2:1 return on investment within the first 24 months was the cherry on top of the pie."
Tom Goethals, Program Manager: Fleet and Equipment, bpost

bpost has impressive sustainability objectives and are making concerted efforts towards achieving these. The power of telematics technology is at the centre of these efforts. MiX Telematics’ technology is being utilised by the company to monitor driving behaviour within their fleet as well as how well (or not) vehicles are being operated. What’s more is that the data  collected by the technology gives insight into where improvements can be made to reduce fuel-wasting habits. Rauwers, MiX’s channel partner in Belgium, provided support to bpost in developing a targeted driver training programme that is based on captured telematics data. This programme aims to help drivers improve their performance for the benefit of the fleet. To further assist bpost’s drivers, MiX Telematics is providing in-cab feedback to steer drivers towards making the right choices on the road – something that not only improves the fleet’s sustainability and safety but is also a positive for the community at large.

Within 12 months of implementation, bpost achieved a tangible reduction in fuel expenditure and saw drivers that were more engaged in their driving performance. In turn, this has led to a significant increase in drivers’ scores, resulting in 80% to 90% of bpost drivers now landing in the green category. The company is now aiming to utilise telematics technology even more intensely in the future by using it to implement and operate an electric vehicle-only fleet to meet even more of their sustainability targets.

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