Viação Torres

Viação Torres reduced their fuel and maintenance costs, and increased the lifespan of their vehicle components with the expertise of MiX Telematics’ channel partner Rotagyn.
Viação Torres - Public Transport
Viação Torres wanted to implement telematics to gather vehicle and driver data in an effort to identify whether drivers are operating within the efficiency and safety standards and parameters set up by the company. This, in turn, was to help put preventative measures in place and improve driving habits.
"The improved fleet management was noticed by passengers due to increased safety and greater comfort during travel. We also observed a significant reduction in harmful emissions – telematics is an essential tool for companies committed to protecting the environment"
Frederico Mota, Executive Director, Viação Torres

MiX Fleet Manager was chosen because the information it provides has given Viação Torres the ability to detect the mistakes drivers might make on the road and then give customised training. Each driver is given an identification key so that individualised evaluation can take place. Additionally, MiX Fleet Manager can rank and score drivers based on their behaviour which provides motivation and creates a positive, competitive culture. Drivers have more control of their performance this way and can self-correct as they see fit to improve their scores.

After implementation, Viação Torres achieved great results in various areas. They saw a decrease in fuel costs, increased vehicle lifespan and reduced maintenance costs. Overall, Viação Torres can now analyse accidents more easily, identify stopovers, corroborate or fight fines and track journeys. There is also a better relationship between the company’s fleet managers and drivers.

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Dennis Ferreira

12 Novembro 2019

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