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Sertran Transportes, a Brazillian passenger transport company, achieved greater fleet safety and managed to lower operational costs by 15% with MiX by Powerfleet’ solutions. Operating in Brazil, the company focused on urban, school, and bus chartering. Sertran Transportes controls 41 operations in 31 different cities, with a fleet size consisting of more than 900 vehicles.
Case Study - Sertran
As it possesses a large fleet, Sertran Transportes’ main goal was to achieve safe yet efficient transport by promoting more mindful driving. They achieved this by zoning in on three different areas: safety, cost, and revenue.
"We transport lives, so it's important to train our drivers to drive with awareness and respect, so everyone works more safely and efficiently."
Marco Vicentin, CCO and Controllership Manager at Sertran.

Sertran focused on improving the performance of its employees and improving overall safety by monitoring drivers’ adherence to the company’s speed parameters, and by keeping a close eye on asset wear and tear by measuring handling and fuel consumption. 

This resulted in fewer driving events, reducing accidents by 90%. The company also achieved more efficient asset utilization as well as lower fuel and maintenance spending, helping Sertran achieve a 15% overall cost reduction

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30 Março 2023
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