Women in the Trucking Industry

Traditionally, the trucking industry has been dominated by men. However due to the increasing need for drivers, the demographics are changing.

The American Trucking Association says the industry currently has a shortage of 30,000 drivers nationwide with a prediction of it expanding to 200,000 in the next decade. As a result the industry is looking to women to fill this gap.

In recent years, statistics show more women are obtaining their commercial class A drivers licenses. This is due in part because of the slowing economy and the need for drivers, as well as the benefits offered by the trucking industry. A lot of single women are trying to support their families, or supplementing this income with their partner's just to survive.

Trucking is now far more receptive to women than it ever has been. But there are a few obstacles in the way for women in terms of attitudes and numbers.

As for the numbers, the most recent labor statistics show that just over five percent of the trucking workforce are women. This number of women is predicted to double in the coming years, but competing with the ever-growing unfulfilled trucking positions, will it be enough?