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Unexpected benefits of using in-cab video in your fleet

Many people will say that the main benefit of in-cab video is increased fleet safety. Of course, this is very much true. In-cab video allows you to track and monitor drivers on the road to ensure that their behavior is safe and does not increase the risk of crashes. It also gives you the opportunity to see what safety measures to put in place when a crash does occur by reviewing video footage. No more second-hand information.

However, fleet safety and crash reduction is but one of many other benefits in-cab video can provide. Let’s look at a few of these:


If you are required to be compliant with the ELD mandate then you likely know that your ELD solution needs to fulfill certain technical requirements. An in-cab video solution like MiX Vision, that integrates with a fleet management solution, does just that. Some of the criteria in-cab video meets is:

  • Recording of location data
  • Accurate syncing of date and time
  • Wireless transference of data
  • Driver identification
  • Tamper-proof devices
  • Driver privacy protection (only triggered events are recorded while a driver is on duty)

Theft and damage prevention

External cameras that are focused on the fuel tank and any trailers attached to a vehicle can help you see when theft occurs (of either product or fuel). Fuel wastage can also be monitored and when products are unloaded, you can see whether they are being treated properly so as to minimize potential damage. Both of these benefits can lead to other advantages such as a decrease in insurance costs and fuel costs, and greater customer satisfaction as products are less likely to arrive damaged when monitored.


With external cameras monitoring delivery, you can see how long it takes at each stop. Looking at these times will assist with assessing whether delivery and unloading can be done more efficiently. Are they idling too long at certain stops or not unloading fast enough? Conversely, are they doing it too quickly and thereby rushing, risking potential damage to product?

MiX Vision

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