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Telematics spells success for Continental Italy sales team

MiX Telematics channel partner, Continental Italy, has seen significant success by making telematics a large part of their sales. Around 80% of their sales currently focus on telematics with tachograph sales taking up the remaining 20%.


Within the span of a year, the sales team has experienced a 32% increase in profit and an 144.84% increase in sales, all due to the sales of telematics devices.

The team believes that the success of these telematics solutions is due to good pricing, a user-friendly platform, mobile app availability and excellent tachograph data management.

Future Plans and Advice

In the near future, Continental Italy's team hopes to continue their success with selling telematics devices whilst shifting focus towards the Oil and Gas industry and Italian companies transporting abnormal loads.

For other companies that are eager to get into telematics sales, they recommended organising quality customer-focused events, involving a technical expert during the sales process and keeping up-to-date with regular training.

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