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recent telematics news


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MiX Telematics invests in small, black-owned fitment centers

September 05, 2018

23 May 2018; Beame, a brand by MiX Telematics, announced plans to roll out its first Enterprise Development based, mobile fitment centre which will be exhibited at the South Africa Bike Festival, taking place at the Kyalami Grand Prix from the 25 & 27 May 2018.

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Telematics spells success for Continental Italy sales team

September 05, 2018

A telematics sales success storyMiX Telematics channel partner, Continental Italy, has seen significant success by making telematics a large part of their sales. Around 80% of their sales currently focus on telematics with tachograph sales taking up the remaining 20%. Let's dive into a quick telematics sales case study.


Within the span of a year, the sales team has experienced a 32% increase in profit and an 144.84% increase in sales, all due to telematics sales (I.e. the selling of telematics devices).

The team believes that the success of these telematics solutions is due to good pricing, a user-friendly platform, mobile app availability and excellent tachograph data management.

Future Plans and Advice

In the near future, Continental Italy's team hopes to continue their success with selling telematics devices whilst shifting focus towards the Oil and Gas industry and Italian companies transporting abnormal loads.

For other companies that are eager to get into telematics sales, they recommended organizing quality customer-focused events, involving a technical expert during the sales process and keeping up-to-date with regular training.


Building the Future of Retail with the Internet of Transport

September 05, 2018

Richard Gifford, CIO at logistics giant Wincanton, is taking his firm on a journey: his aim is to create a digital supply chain and develop what he calls the 'Internet of Transport'. Gifford, who became CIO at the firm in April 2017, is already making progress towards that destination, creating a new business strategy through digital transformation. "Just take some pragmatic steps forward and don't be afraid of failure. Fail fast, learn from the things that don't go as expected, adjust and move on," says Gifford.

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Floods and Freight - Journey through Detroit

September 05, 2018

Weeks ago, Detroit flooding turned roads into rivers making logistics difficult for companies that rely on the region's highways to ship goods. Years ago this situation would have created impossible problems for truckers and haulers, but with modern technology, drivers can now avoid trouble spots and minimize the weather's financial impact.

Aided by GPS and on-board computers, along with the local knowledge and experience of the drivers, they were able to navigate around problem areas and traffic without much delay. This kept trucks and drivers safe by preventing flood interference with freight delivery.

MiX Telematics offers game-changing technology to help clients in problematic situations, like severe weather. We offer various comprehensive vehicle tracking solutions to meet the needs of our clients with safety as a high priority. Our tailored tracking solutions utilize some of the most advanced technology in the world. With multiple tracking options, you can pin-point vehicle locations, reroute drivers, directly communicate and analyze trips from anywhere via the internet or mobile device.

The benefits of vehicle tracking enabled technology for any vehicle fleet are endless. Whether it is a commercial fleet, bus and coach operation, transportation and logistics company or even privately owned vehicles - tracking is definitely a safety-centric and financially efficient way to avoid floating off down flooded roads. Learn more about our fleet management and tracking solutions.


Turning operational data into Actionable Safety Intelligence

January 18, 2018

MiX Telematics, alongside Mobileye and Seeing Machines, hosted a webinar to teach fleet managers how to turn data into tangible results.

On 7 December 2017 MiX Telematics presented a webinar, How Fleets are Turning Operational Data into Actionable Safety IntelligenceÓ.

It was co-hosted by our technology partners, Mobileye and Seeing Machines. Mobileye is the worldÕs largest collision avoidance provider and Seeing Machines is the supplier of Guardian, a world-class fatigue and distraction detection technology.

In the webinar, the experts enlightened attendees about:

  • The key data types fleets should collect;
  • How to leverage that data for driver coaching programs; and
  • The best practices for benchmarking and setting measurable safety improvement goals.

The webinar also included a question and answer segment to ensure that participants get the most out of the event by picking our expertsÕs brains.

We are very pleased that so many people could join the webinar. If you didnÕt get an opportunity to catch the webinar, you can download the recording here.

Be on the lookout for future webinars from MiX Telematics as we are always keen to share our experts and associated partners' knowledge with the world of fleet management.


Women in the Trucking Industry

September 05, 2018

Traditionally, the trucking industry has been dominated by men. However due to the increasing need for drivers, the demographics are changing.

The American Trucking Association says the industry currently has a shortage of 30,000 drivers nationwide with a prediction of it expanding to 200,000 in the next decade. As a result the industry is looking to women to fill this gap.

In recent years, statistics show more women are obtaining their commercial class A drivers licenses. This is due in part because of the slowing economy and the need for drivers, as well as the benefits offered by the trucking industry. A lot of single women are trying to support their families, or supplementing this income with their partner's just to survive.

Trucking is now far more receptive to women than it ever has been. But there are a few obstacles in the way for women in terms of attitudes and numbers.

As for the numbers, the most recent labor statistics show that just over five percent of the trucking workforce are women. This number of women is predicted to double in the coming years, but competing with the ever-growing unfulfilled trucking positions, will it be enough?

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