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New MiX Van

MiX Telematics announces adding more of its Mobile Maintenance & Installation vans to its North American fleet to support clients across the West coast. The Mobile Maintenance & Installation van is operated by MiX Certified Master Technician, Bryan Harrison, who performs custom installation and routine maintenance services, as well as quality control and advanced training of the MiX Telematics partner network. All mobile, on-site services are provided to MiX customers, regardless of fleet size.

"MiX Telematics is among the first in the US to offer mobile service and installation services at this level," said Neil Schwartzman, MiX Telematics-Americas Chief Operating Officer. "Not only can our Master Technicians provide routine maintenance at customers' facilities, they can also offer customized services that match the needs of each client. I am very excited to see this program continue to expand across the US and looking forward to implementing it in additional markets across the nation."

The Mobile Maintenance & Installation program, which was first introduced to the Southwest region, now reaches clients on the West coast and has plans to expand to additional US markets. Maintenance and instillation services are scheduled through the MiX Telematics Service Dispatch Center, which is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

"Our West coast expansion will be the ultimate test of our Mobile Maintenance & Installation program. Lots of shipping and traveling happens here and our clients, as well as prospective clients, would greatly benefit by having customized solutions come to them compared to typical remote or scheduled assistance."

For more information about the MiX Telematics Mobile Maintenance & Installation service call 1-877-585 1088 or visit

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