Floods and Freight - Journey through Detroit

Weeks ago, Detroit flooding turned roads into rivers making logistics difficult for companies that rely on the region's highways to ship goods. Years ago this situation would have created impossible problems for truckers and haulers, but with modern technology, drivers can now avoid trouble spots and minimize the weather's financial impact.

Aided by GPS and on-board computers, along with the local knowledge and experience of the drivers, they were able to navigate around problem areas and traffic without much delay. This kept trucks and drivers safe by preventing flood interference with freight delivery.

MiX Telematics offers game-changing technology to help clients in problematic situations, like severe weather. We offer various comprehensive vehicle tracking solutions to meet the needs of our clients with safety as a high priority. Our tailored tracking solutions utilize some of the most advanced technology in the world. With multiple tracking options, you can pin-point vehicle locations, reroute drivers, directly communicate and analyze trips from anywhere via the internet or mobile device.

The benefits of vehicle tracking enabled technology for any vehicle fleet are endless. Whether it is a commercial fleet, bus and coach operation, transportation and logistics company or even privately owned vehicles - tracking is definitely a safety-centric and financially efficient way to avoid floating off down flooded roads. Learn more about our fleet management and tracking solutions.