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Fleet Telematics in Americas to double by 2018

As the U.S. adopts newer technology and tighter trucking regulations, fleet management and telematics systems are expected to increase at a 15.3 percent compound annual growth rate over the next four years.

Telematics and fleet management companies are also predicted to grow and become increasingly global. A total number of onboard monitoring units in vehicles in both North and South America are estimated to be over 12 million by 2018.

This translates to more data coming from trucks and onboard devices going back to fleet managers, who convert that data into efficiency solutions. Increased use of onboard technology will also enable better vehicle-to-vehicle and interconnected supply communications.

MiX telematics, a global leader provider, covers a broad range of "fleet management" technologies, markets and companies, including commercial trucking, private fleets and field technicians. We look forward to the advancing technological adoptions in the coming years that go hand-in-hand with regional growth and development.

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