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ELD for efficiency

Yes, you must use electronic logging devices (ELD) to comply with the ELD Mandate. And, yes, you will have to invest quite a bit of time and money in transitioning to an ELD system that fulfils all the regulations outlined in the FMCSAÕs Final Rule. But, as weÕve said in an earlier post, there are plenty of benefits that come from moving from paper and pen to web and wireless technology.

One of the biggest benefits of using a well-developed ELD system is that youÕll save money in the long run, especially when it comes to cutting fuel costs.

Firstly, youÕll be able to use the ELD to monitor driver behavior and collect data on speeding, harsh braking and sudden accelerating, all of which are known to affect fuel consumption. Insights taken from this information can be used to compile driver training programs and incentive schemes to encourage more fuel-efficient Ð and safer Ð driving habits.

Some ELDs will even alert drivers and managers in real-time when they exceed the speed limit, prompting them to take corrective measures immediately and be more fuel efficient. Monitoring this data over time will also allow managers to identify trends in fuel wastage and reward good driver practices.

Take it a step further by installing ELDs that come with navigation or GPS solutions that offer route-planning options Ð less time on the road in lighter traffic conditions will have a positive effect on fuel consumption too.
YouÕll also be able to monitor idling times on each vehicle in your fleet. Just one hour of idling consumes up to a gallon of fuel. Multiply that by hundreds of vehicles and it quickly escalates, costing thousands of dollars a day in wasted fuel, not to mention the added wear and tear it causes with subsequent maintenance repairs.

With an ELD system in place you can set idling limits and track how much time each vehicle in your fleet spends idling. With these details at your fingertips, you can quickly deal with those drivers who regularly exceed predetermined limits and potentially save hundreds of gallons of fuel every week.

ItÕs a proven fact that better-maintained vehicle are more fuel efficient Ð devices will also be able to monitor the condition of the truck, meaning faults can be fixed as soon as theyÕre reported and not left to get worse.
And this is just the startÉ As more and more fleets install ELDs, the technology will develop even further, with even more benefits to your bottom line.


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