FTC App: Could you be getting more from your fuel tax claim?

Operating a fleet can be expensive and, fuel tends to be one of the largest costs for organizations to manage and control. Thankfully, FTC software makes it hassle-free to obtain a fuel tax credit for truck drivers and fleet managers.

Did you know that the data captured from your telematics device can be used for more accurate Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) calculations and help to increase your claims by up to 30%? 

The fuel tax claims process is complex, time-consuming and prone to inaccuracy, which means you could be missing out on valuable refunds.

MiX Telematics partnered with Nuonic, a leading-edge data analytics firm, to help make it possible for our customers to:

Here's how the FTC software app works:

How MiX and Nuonic can help you get more from your fuel tax claim

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