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National Road Safety Week



MiX Telematics is proud to support National Road Safety Week 2022 and in doing so, help to prevent deaths or serious injuries on Australian roads.

In the past 12 months there have been 1,137 road deaths. This is an increase of 2.3%. Presently, the rate of annual deaths per 100,000 stands at 4.4.*. This statistic is unacceptable.
National Road Safety Week is a great cause and helps to put a spotlight on dangerous driving behaviours, such as speeding, driving while under the influence, fatigue, and distraction.
We are encouraging each of you to get involved and make a pledge to save lives:

Coming together for Road Safety in Australia

As road safety advocates, MiX Telematics has been helping to make fleets safer. Clients using our fleet management solutions typically benefit from a 50 – 70% reduction in crash rates as a result of identifying and rectifying risky driver behaviours.

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Coming together for road safety in Australia - White Paper Download

Coming together for road safety in Australia

White Paper

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A fully-implemented and supported MiX Telematics solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

Get in touch to make your fleet safer with MiX

Want to know more?

  • Coming together for road safety in Australia

    White paper

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  • The essential elements of a telematics policy

    White paper

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Channel Partners

Channel Partners

MasterSystem Technologies

Papua New Guinea

City: Morobe Province

Telephone: +675 472 7022




City: Northern Territory

Telephone: 08 8941 8800


Airco Instruments


City: Sydney

Telephone: +61 (02) 9560 2755


Intellifleet Pty Ltd


City: Wagga Wagga

Telephone: +61 2 69324999


Fleet Integrations


City: Perth

Telephone: +61 419 780 488


Vehicle Technologies Ltd.

New Zealand

City: Wellington

Telephone: +64 4 5671964


Future Fleet


City: Brisbane

Telephone: 07 3286 3220




City: Brisbane

Telephone: +61 7 3715 3715


Fleet, partners

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Online Training

MiX Telematics

Online Training Hub

Get started

Welcome to the MiX Telematics Online Training Hub!

This is home to free, expert-led training sessions on a host of topics. These sessions are aimed at helping you get the most from your MiX Telematics solution.

  • Ensuring driver safety during the pandemic with MiX Telematics


    Start Training

  • Using Geo-fences to ensure your drivers don't enter into no go zones during the pandemic

    Online Training

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  • Locating your during the pandemic with MiX Telematics
    Locating your during the pandemic with MiX Telematics

    Online Training

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  • MiX Fleet Manager Fundamentals with MiX Telematics
    MiX Fleet Manager Fundamentals

    Online Training

    Start Training

  • ROI Beyond Road Safety with MiX Telematics
    ROI Beyond Road Safety

    Online Training

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  • Rider Safety Motorbike Fleets with MiX Telematics
    Rider Safety Motorbike Fleets

    Online Training

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  • Rider Safety Motorbike Fleets with MiX Telematics
    MiX Fleet Manager Fundamentals

    Online Training

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Training Schedule

  • Optimise vehicle utilisation with MiX

    1pm AWS / 3pm EST

  • Optimise vehicle utilisation with MiX

    1pm AWS / 3pm EST


The MiX Telematics Online Training Hub is updated regularly with new sessions added on a monthly basis. Make sure to return to this page in the future to explore the new content.

For any further queries, please feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager or get in touch with us on +61 (8) 9388 5800.

Driver Safety, Fleet Management

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Fuel Savings Calculator

Fuel Savings Calculator

See how much you can save

Fuel Consumption

Read more ...Fuel Savings Calculator

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MiX Insight Agility

MiX Insight AgilityTM

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Generating reports can be bittersweet. They’re business-critical but often frustrating to compile and tedious to set up. Creating layouts with trends and graphical information can also be time-consuming and take away from other valuable core competencies.

MiX Telematics is taking reporting to the next level with MiX Insight Agility, an extension to the MiX Insight Reports suite that allows for dynamic data interaction in Microsoft Excel.

What MiX Insight Agility can do for you?

MiX Insight Agility is accessible to existing MiX Insight Report users – it is simply enabled on request via the MiX Fleet Manager platform. Once that is done, an Excel template populated with fleet and driver data is sent to the user. There is no need to recreate the spreadsheet; instead, it can be instantly refreshed at the touch of a button.

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  • No separate sign-ups

    MiX Insight Agility is an extension of MiX’s current reporting suite and uses Microsoft Excel as the user interface. As such, it is accessible, easy to use and flexible.
  • All the how-tos

    The Excel template contains detailed instructions, a glossary, links to useful videos, and instructions on how to create PivotTables, PivotCharts, Timeline and slicers to analyse data and create interactive applications. Support requests can be logged via MiX Assist.
  • Variety of data fields

    Users can explore and analyse a number of areas relating to their data, which can then be easily transformed using familiar tools in Excel to create the desired format and layout.
  • Compatibility with Excel and other BI tools

    MiX Insight Agility is exclusively built for use with Microsoft Excel. Various plug-ins and data connectors for other BI tools are available on request.


  • Fast and flexible. Unlike with static reports, MiX Insight Agility gives users the power to create and shape customised reports in the format they prefer.
  • True autonomy. Reports and ad-hoc queries can be created without the need to log manual requests for assistance or report development. This eliminates dependencies on report subscriptions, increases productivity and saves time.
  • Once reports are in place, they are easy to alter or enhance, allowing users to customise their analysis to their own needs.

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MiX Integrate

MiX IntegrateTM

Seamless telematics data integration

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Telematics data is invaluable to the safety, efficiency and compliance of your fleet. It helps you identify poor driver behaviour, monitor fuel consumption, improve fleet utilisation, and implement driver training. However, organising this crucial data should be done in a meaningful and accessible way.

To help our customers achieve this, we’ve developed MiX Integrate. It is an intuitive API platform connector that extracts your driver and vehicle data straight from the source and plugs it directly into any third-party system or program of your choosing. Using in-depth filtering options and a wide variety of data points, you can select exactly what information gets uploaded to which business system to simplify fleet-related decision-making.

How it works

After your telematics data is captured by MiX servers, it is fed from your chosen telematics solution onto the big-picture MiX Integrate platform. Here, you and your development team get a convenient overview of all your telematics data.

On this platform, you can now organise your data according to different levels and data points, each level more detailed than the previous one. For example, when you choose to analyse journey data, you can view additional, in-depth information about the driver ID, journey status, hazards on the road, purpose of the journey and more.


  • Easy to set up.
  • User-friendly.
  • Quickly accessible.
  • Flexible. View and analyse data based on specific business goals.
  • Compatible with many environments and many different programming languages.

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Chain of Responsibility

Chain of Responsibility

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Duty to comply with transport law is shared under Chain of Responsibility (COR) laws in Australia. This means that all parties in the road transport supply chain are tasked with ensuring the safe operation of all transport activities.

It’s not just drivers but anybody that is involved in transport activities who can be held responsible and legally liable should there be a breach in road laws. Parties in the Chain of Responsibility include:
  • Company directors
  • Senior management team members
  • Driver employers
  • Drivers
  • Schedulers
  • Individuals responsible for loading and or unloading a vehicle (including any goods in the vehicle)
  • Consignors or consignees
  • Prime contractors for a vehicle (in cases where drivers are self-employed)
Transport operators need to be able to demonstrate that they are meeting their obligations under COR and, are proactively monitoring and managing driver behaviour. Compliance with speed, fatigue, mass, dimension and loading standards is also necessary.

It’s important to understand your obligations to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Breaches can occur in instances where:

  • Drivers fail to adhere to fatigue management requirements.
  • Drivers speed.
  • Vehicle mass or dimension limits have been exceeded.
  • Loading requirements have not been met.
  • Vehicles have not been maintained according to roadworthy standards.

Contact us to discuss how MiX Telematics’ solutions can help you ensure Chain of Responsibility compliance across your transport operation.

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MiX Sat Comms

MiX Sat Comms

Reliable, global satellite communication from MiX Telematics.

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Do your vehicles operate in remote areas with poor GSM coverage or travel cross-border? If so, this can lead to a breakdown in communication or high roaming costs.

MiX Sat Comms is a practical yet sophisticated add-on that provides reliable and cost-effective global satellite communication in all locations. By using satellite communication, MiX Sat Comms ensures uninterrupted access to mobile assets, regardless of connectivity outages. 

As local GSM connectivity fluctuates, MiX Sat Comms automatically determines and switches to the most economical method of communication, whether that be GSM or satellite. Critical event notifications are thus never missed and high-risk or high-value loads can always be tracked because of this. 

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  • Identify and rectify risky driving behaviours.

  • Data communication and costs can be managed via configuration
  • Vehicle tracking Active in-trip and out-of trip tracking points can be configured and sent via satellite communication using least cost routing
  • Active events can be configured to obey the daily limit or to ignore the daily limit for mission-critical applications such as panic alerts.

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In-cab coaching aids

In-cab coaching aids

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MiX Telematics is a leading provider of fleet management solutions to many of the world’s top passenger transport companies so we understand how important it is to help deliver the very best service to customers by improving efficiency and passenger comfort.

To do just that, we offer two in-cab coaching aids that assist drivers with improving their driving style and performance.


The RIBAS in-cab driving display helps drivers to improve their driving style with the use of alerts that are triggered by predetermined events.

Each letter in the RIBAS name correlates with an event:

  • R = Over-revving or ride comfort (aggressive cornering) 
  • I = Excessive idling 
  • B = Harsh braking 
  • A = Harsh acceleration 
  • S = Speeding 

When the abovementioned parameters are exceeded (or not), the RIBAS system uses Red/Amber/Green (RAG) status lights and audible warning tones to give drivers feedback on their driving style. Red represents a driver exceeding a parameter for a certain amount of time, Amber means the driver has almost exceeded the parameter but self-corrected timeously and Green shows that the driver is driving well (in other words, not exceeding parameters). 


The unit can be configured in a number of different ways to provide customers with a choice as to what method has been proven to be most effective for delivering alerts to their drivers. 

MyMiX Integration

The RIBAS system can also be integrated with the MyMiX app to enable drivers to track and monitor their driving performance and scores. 


  • Immediate notification to driver of any errors or transgressions while on the road.
  • Safer, smoother driving.
  • Improved passenger experience.
  • Reduced wear and tear on vehicles, and subsequently reduced maintenance costs.
  • Improved fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced accident severity.

MiX DriveMate

MiX DriveMate is an ingenious in-vehicle driver display, offered as an extension to the MiX Fleet Manager solution, that alerts drivers to their driving habits through a system of seven LED lights.

If a driver does not self-correct their behaviour, a buzzer sounds to notify them and the associated event will go on to be recorded in MiX Fleet Manager for an authorised person to review.

Not only does MiX DriveMate promote safe and efficient driving while drivers are on the clock, it also affords them the privacy they require when off the clock too.

MiX DriveMate can also be integrated with the MyMiX app to enable drivers to track and monitor their driving performance and scores.


  • Savings across the board. With less speeding, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering comes reduced fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear, and maintenance costs.
  • Reduction in number and severity of accidents. When drivers practise safer driving techniques, accidents becomes less frequent and severe, leading to saved lives and reduced costs.

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Engaged drivers equals a safe, efficient fleet

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Your drivers are the most valuable assets in your fleet. How they drive your vehicles and perform daily tasks directly impact how safe and efficient your fleet is. So, how do you ensure that their actions are in line with your goals?

The answer is MyMiX, a driver-focused app specifically designed to encourage and improve driver engagement. Drivers can see information relevant to their driving performance as well as the completion of tasks. 

MyMiX provides drivers with direct access to useful information which allows them monitor and manage their performance to ultimately help them drive more economically and more safely, subsequently helping to positively and directly impact the bottom line of your business. 

MyMiX users can see how their driving style compares to their co-workers and identify the areas they need to focus on to improve their driving performance


MyMiX is yet another way that MiX Telematics helps customers to save lives and save money.

  • Safer drivers equal more economical drivers. By ensuring safe driving behaviour, fleet operators automatically facilitate driving habits that promote economical driving and subsequent fuel savings.
  • Easy and direct access to information. Drivers can log into their MyMiX profile 24 hours a day, via the web or a mobile device.
  • Strong performance culture. MyMiX gives drivers the opportunity to own their professional development and contribute to business objectives. Not only can drivers view their own scores, but they can also see how they rank compared to site and organisation averages. This sparks healthy competition which helps operators cultivate a strong performance culture.

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MiX Journey Management

MiX Journey ManagementTM

Safety, efficiency and compliance through electronic journey planning and execution.

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If you’ve ever had to contend with manual journey management planning, you’ll know how tedious and error-prone it can be.

MiX Journey Management offers an easy-to-use alternative to old-fashioned paper-based systems, allowing for real-time monitoring of journeys that have been pre-approved. 
This solution makes it possible to reduce risk by helping fleets to comply with corporate health and safety policies and reduces the workload on operational staff. It features customisable route planning, flexible workflow management options as well as automated data reporting. MiX Telematics’ vehicle tracking systems monitor vehicles in real-time using both street-level and satellite maps. All exceptions picked up are immediately relayed via a multitude of contact channels including the MiX online portal, email and text. 

MiX Journey Management suits fleet operators from a wide range of industries. It’s especially ideal for those owning or managing a large amount of vehicles that regularly travel long distances and carry passengers or cargo. Not only does MiX Journey Management help deal with the major issue of risk exposure, it also improves safety, customer service quality and compliance. 

Get a demo


MiX Journey Management allows each journey to be challenged, unnecessary journeys to be eliminated and informs risk-based decisions, resulting in several benefits.

  • Lower your risk by prioritising the safety of people, vehicles and cargo while also strengthening reputation.
  • Improve efficiency with better vehicle and asset utilisation, and reduced overall operational costs.
  • Meet high standards. This solution facilitates transparency and compliance with even the strictest Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and procedures.

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Fuel Tax Credit

Fuel Tax Credit

Maximise your Fuel Tax Credit rebates with MiX Telematics and Nuonic

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Operating a fleet is undoubtedly expensive. Fuel is largely to thank for this as it tends to be one of the largest costs organisations have to manage and control.

But did you know that data captured using your telematics solution can be used for more accurate Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) calculations and help to increase your claims by up to 30%?
MiX Telematics has partnered with Nuonic, a leading-edge data analytics firm, to launch an innovative solution called Prism that optimises your FTC calculations. It enables you to claim the Fuel Tax Credits which you are entitled to with ease and confidence. Prism combines and automates real-time telematics data and information to deliver market-leading accuracy with detailed location and boundary analysis to determine your fleet’s exact operation and fuel consumption.

Download Brochure

Using the actionable data captured from MiX Telematics’ in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS), Prism precisely calculates the fuel tax rebate you qualify for according to eligible FTC activities.
Based on this and your fleet specifications, Prism provides the necessary information which you can enter into your BAS (business activity statement) or you can apply the fuel tax allotment to your purchased fuel records using simply online tools. Prism users have frequently seen significantly improved FTC outcomes compared to their previous claims because higher precision calculations are being made with the most detailed data available.

Book a consultation

If you would like to know more about getting maximum FTC returns with minimal effort, book your no-obligation phone consultation with MiX Telematics today.

Book a consultation


  • Claim fuel tax credits with confidence and ease
  • Save time with automated monthly calculations and reporting that covers your whole fleet.
  • Maximise your claim outcomes with highly accurate off-road trip recording and auxiliary fuel consumption reports.
  • Substantiate your claims with precise reporting and detailed calculations.

Download Brochure

Fuel Consumption, Fleet

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MiX Asset Manager

MiX Asset ManagerTM

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The benefits of a professional, fully-integrated fleet management solution are well-known to both owners and managers. Tracking and monitoring vehicles and drivers enable fleet managers to implement an array of cost-related improvements.
MiX Asset Manager
But what about industries where non-vehicle assets are just as important as vehicles and drivers?
MiX Asset Manager offers superior protection for assets of all kinds – mobile and fixed; with or without a dedicated power source – across a wide variety of industries. Unlike manual systems, MiX Asset Manager offers an automatic, electronic registry of assets, their statuses and whereabouts so that they can be:
  • Located and/or tracked on a map – historically or in real-time;
  • Managed in terms of service intervals and odometer readings, and
  • Billed for more accurately when rented out.


Up close and personal with your assets.
  • Flexible hardware options (power and installation)
  • Asset information and reporting
  • Live and historical tracking
  • Secure online asset management
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Driver and vehicle license/certification management
MiX Asset Manager Dashboard


MiX Asset Manager Screens
Maximum gain, minimal risk.
  • Increase visibility and utilisation
  • Reduce risk
  • Maximise revenue
  • Minimise costs
  • Streamline processes

Tracking, Asset Management, Fleet Management

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Home - Australia - MiX Telematics

A Global Leader in


  • Global Leader

  • Top Innovator


MiX Telematics develops and implements connected fleet and mobile asset management solutions for customers across the globe. We focus our energy on creating hardware and software that is specific to our customers’ requirements and aim to build long-term partnerships.
No matter how big or small your fleet is, which vehicles or assets you own or in which industry you operate, we have the expertise to solve your unique problems and upgrade your fleet operations using state-of-the-art data collection methods and intelligent reporting.

Over 120

Decades of

4.5 Trustpilot


24/7 Customer

Fleet & Asset Management

How can MiX Telematics help you?

Talk to us

  • Keep vehicles serviced and safe for the road.

    Monitor driver fatigue and distraction.

    Monitor driver performance and implement a scoring system.

    Develop and apply targeted driver training programs and customized safety policies.

  • Enhance route planning and real-time delivery scheduling.

    Lessen carbon emissions and environmental impact.

    Reduce fuel costs and usage by identifying and correcting inefficient driver behaviors.

    Optimize vehicle uptime by monitoring licensing and scheduling pre-emptive maintenance electronically.

  • Gain access to accurate electronic records on region-specific compliance requirements.

    Track maintenance and licensing to ensure vehicles are roadworthy and safe.

    Ensure drivers are trained, certified and fit to work.

    Get real-time notifications and alerts regarding violations and compliance obligations.

  • Reduce asset theft and abuse via real-time and historical tracking.

    Implement video monitoring to assess unsafe driver behavior and road risks.

    Identify drivers to protect your fleet against misuse.

    Implement vehicle access control and geofencing.

  • Monitor fuel use

    Fleet management for EVs

    Energy management

    Data management

    Driver monitoring



Fleet Management

70 %
-60 %
-65 %
-80 %
Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 video telematics white paper cites that video telematics can lower driver distraction by 80%, reduce speeding by 65%, increase seatbelt use by 70% and reduce collisions by 60%.

Talk to us


Proven leader in

Fleet Management

MiX Telematics has been globally recognized as a telematics trailblazer for decades.
  • Geographical

    1st Place

  • User

    1st Place

  • Technology

    1st Place

  • User

    1st Place

ABI Research’s Commercial Telematics Vendors study placed MiX Telematics in 1st place in terms of geographical coverage and vehicle, driver and cargo monitoring and in equal 1st place in the categories of technology development, user interface and user experience.
Proven Leaders in Fleet Management

Get in Touch



For All Fleets

We stay ahead of the curve by listening to the unique needs of our customers and keeping up with the latest technology.
Our offerings include:
  • All-inclusive fleet management solutions

  • Vehicle tracking

  • Mobile and fixed asset management

  • Road-facing, driver-facing and external dash cams

  • Electronic login devices

  • In-cab displays

  • Journey management

  • Hours of service management

  • AI-powered reporting suite

  • Driver engagement apps

  • Other...


Our Customers Get

Tangible Results

See for yourself:
  • Nottingham Transport

  • SAV

  • Wincanton

  • Dreams

  • Cardiff Bus

  • DS Smith

  • Transmec Group

  • Linde

  • Wincanton - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics

    Transport & Logistics

    MiX Telematics understood our objective of becoming safer and helped to improve our drivers’ behaviour by providing them with the motivation to change. MiX has a number of tools that help with behavioural change and we’ve seen significant efficiency savings since implementation.
  • Wincanton - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics

    Oil & Gas

    Safety is Archrock’s top priority, and MiX Telematics has unquestionably helped us identify and reduce or eliminate unsafe driving behavior. This has not only led to significant dollar savings but also helped to improve our overall safety profile.
    Grady Kelly, Senior Manager: Asset Management, Archrock
  • Nottingham - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics

    Public Transport

    The data that MiX Telematics provides gives us valuable insight into driver behaviors. Using this in-depth data, we were able to develop expert training and incentive programs for our drivers. This is without doubt helping us in our aim to carry on being an industry-recognized leader in our field.
  • Dunns - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics

    Oil & Gas

    After implementing the MiX Telematics solution, our driver behavior score improved by 98.7%, something that was way beyond our expectations. Our vehicle maintenance costs have reduced significantly, giving us a saving of over $40,000 on suspension repairs alone. For our bigger clients, safe driving habits are of paramount importance and the ability to identify unruly operator behavior with the assistance of MiX’s technology has helped us retain them for continued future success.
  • Cardiff Bus - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics
    Cardiff Bus

    Public Transport

    MiX Telematics has added value to our fleet processes, which has enabled us to keep our vehicles on the road and operate a safer, more reliable fleet for customers and drivers alike.
  • ITA Transportes - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics
    ITA Transportes

    Rental & Leasing

    By managing safety-related events using MiX Telematics’ technology, we have achieved great benefits with regards to reducing fuel consumption. We have experienced a 14.8% improvement in fuel efficiency since implementation and today the telematics system practically pays for itself with just the savings it provides us each month.
  • H&M Removals - Customer Testimonial - MiX Telematics
    H&M Removals

    Storage & Logistics

    Implementing MiX Telematics’ premium fleet management solution has helped us achieve maximum uptime and given us the ability to produce highly accurate logging and live fleet tracking reports. We’ve only experienced outstanding performance from MiX Telematics and saw no challenges during the rollout of the system. We will continue to rely on MiX Telematics for all our fleet management needs in the future.

MiX Telematics

Contact us

All our departments comprise of highly skilled staff that are passionate about customer service and technically familiar with every one of the MiX Telematics products. This includes the entire range of software and telematics services as well as all the hardware devices that MiX Telematics designs and manufactures.

Mining, Asset Management, Fleet Management, Driver Behaviour

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