MiX Asset Manager TM

Our solution gives you hassle-free, comprehensive control of your non-vehicle assets

MiX Asset Manager prevents potential misuse and theft by giving you the tools to track and locate assets. Whether they’re on-site or not, you know exactly where your assets are and how they’re being utilized.

MiX Asset Manager hardware

The tracking and locating technology offered by MiX Asset Manager can be used in many types of conditions and on a variety of assets. You can choose from a:

  • Wired tracker for assets with a dedicated power source.
  • Wireless, battery-operated tracker for non-powered assets.
  • Low-cost wireless locator for non-powered assets.


Asset data

Detailed asset information is collected and can be used to set up service and licensing reminders, periodic certification reminders and entered fuel data.

Live tracking

In real-time you can locate and track assets, view asset diagnostics (such as battery status and signal strength) and export a full list of active assets.

Historical tracking

View trip replays, distances travelled and previous events.

Trip timeline

See a timeline of asset utilization, events and detailed trip information.

Live information streams

Proactively monitor events and activities of multiple in real-time via live information streams.


Pull up detailed event, trip, location, service and entered fuel reports through MiX Insight Reports.

Want improved visibility and increased protection of your assets?

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