Personal Safety


Through both MiX Telematics’ consumer and fleet solutions, personal safety is on top of the priority list and remains a guiding factor as to why thousands of people choose a MiX Telematics products and/or service.


An extensive range of products and services by MiX Telematics translate into customised safety solutions and packages that suit specific individual safety requirements. Whether you’re looking out for your own or your family’s personal safety* or for the safety of an entire staff of fleet drivers, MiX Telematics has a trusted safety solution designed to put your mind at rest.

Reducing risk is a key benefit offered by many of MiX Telematics products and services, along with other benefits that include reducing environmental impact, improving customer service and reducing cost.
* Only available in South Africa.


Vehicle Tracking

MiX Telematics offers various vehicle tracking solutions to meet your every need, whether you're a consumer with safety as a priority or a fleet manager with commercial tracking requirements. The tailored tracking products and solutions provided by MiX Telematics utilise some of the most advanced technology in the world. With multiple vehicle tracking options, you can pin-point the location of your vehicles, replay routes and analyse trips from anywhere in the world via the internet or your mobile phone!

Driver Behaviour

Bad driving habits are unsafe, unnecessary and end up costing your business money. Together with an on-board computer and optional in-cab display system, MiX Telematics can provide your company with live information pertaining to the behaviour of your drivers. The data, which includes driver-specific information on events like ‘excessive idling’ and ‘over revving,’ is instantly transmitted from the vehicle to one of our secure data centres. Fleet and QHSE managers are able to access this data and generate reports anytime, anywhere, enabling them to take corrective action in a timely manner and implement highly effective training and incentive programmes.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

At MiX Telematics it is of top priority to offer clients the best stolen vehicle recovery solutions possible. It’s clear that no two customers are exactly alike: that is why MiX Telematics has created a number of tailored vehicle security options made to suit the safety needs of a number of clients in a variety of industries.

With a choice in services ranging from pure recovery, basic security, enhanced security, to ultimate security; including the option for extra personal safety and convenience features, clients are guaranteed to find a service that best corresponds with their own individual security requirements. Innovative features, assisting to secure MiX Telematics’ position as a leader in the field of stolen vehicle recovery, include the 30 seconds FastTrac technology, PinPoint GPS positioning, GeoLoc, Automated Logbook and Crash Alert.

Road-side Assistance & Crash Alert*

MiX Telematics has partnered with a professional emergency services (SOS) partner in South Africa to provide emergency medical and/or road-side assistance when required. Matrix MX3 customers benefit from our Roadside Assistance service in the case of their vehicle breaking down or should you run out of fuel. A call to the MiX Telematics control room in South Africa will result in us sending help your way once we have assessed the situation.
In the case of a serious accident, customers whose vehicles are equipped with a Matrix MX3 also benefit from our Crash Alert service: a feature that ensures an automated alert is sent to our national control room in South Africa. After assessing the situation, MiX Telematics will immediately send assistance to you, using the vehicle's GPS position retrieved off the Matrix MX3.
* Only available in South Africa. Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change without notice.


Mobileye offers key road and driver safety features and is a valuable accessory to MiX Telematics’ existing driver and fleet management solution. Combined with MiX Telematics’ advanced hardware and software applications, driver behaviour and events detected by the Mobileye advanced smart camera can be recorded and monitored by fleet managers. Having access to the data equips fleet managers with a powerful tool to evaluate their drivers and make necessary improvements to increase safety for their drivers, as well as the overall safety of their fleet.

The intelligent camera device utilises vehicle, lane and pedestrian detection technologies to measure the distance to other vehicles, lane markings and pedestrians, providing commercial vehicle and fleet vehicle drivers with important and often life-saving visual and audio alerts.

* Available only in conjunction with an existing MiX Telematics solution.


While vehicle and driver events are recorded by MiX Telematics’ FM Communicator and transmitted to FM-Web for analysis and reporting, the RIBAS™ Panel acts as an in-cab mentor for bus and truck drivers. Real-time audible and visual alerts notify drivers when they over rev, idle excessively, brake or accelerate harshly, or over speed. The tool is highly valuable as it enables drivers to improve their driving style consistently, thereby improving safety levels, reducing fuel consumption, and improving passenger comfort in the bus and coach industry.


MiX Telematics is a trusted safety tool for thousands of consumers as well as fleet managers around the world. The following benefits are experienced by MiX Telematics customers who rely on us daily for their personal safety:

  • 24-hour emergency assistance: roadside and crash alert
  • Insurance approved stolen vehicle recovery in South Africa
  • Improved driver safety: drivers, passengers and other road users are better protected and supported
  • Reduced fuel consumption through awareness and improvement of driving style
  • Lowered accident rate
  • Saves lives



MiX Telematics' premium stolen vehicle recovery range, marketed under the Matrix brand in South Africa, provides customers with premium safety solutions using superior technology.


When basic security is not enough, our MX2 Enhanced Security package is your ideal solution.


If a complete lifestyle solution for all your motor vehicle responsibilities is what you want, then the MX3 Ultimate Security, Personal Safety, and Convenience package is what you need.


MiX Telematics offers South African clients that subscribe to our Matrix product range a premium set of services, depending on which option they subscribe to.


Beam-e is so much more than just another tracking and recovery device. It's the smartest wireless recovery device on the market.


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