Matrix offers vehicle tracking and recovery, with a unique focus on personal safety.
This is why having a Matrix in your vehicle is about so much more than just
vehicle tracking.

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Matrix tracking devices - leaders in personal safety.

Matrix has its roots as a consumer-facing brand focused on personal safety and consumer telematics through superior vehicle tracking-and-recovery products and services.

Pioneering personal safety and convenience through technological expertise, Matrix has become a brand that is about much more than just vehicle tracking. It’s about having total on-the-road peace-of-mind with the knowledge that Matrix is ’right by your side‘.


Matrix offers three unique tailored packages that allow you to choose the level of vehicle tracking, telematics and personal safety services that best suit your needs and pocket.

  • matrix-ipad

    MX1 Core Security

    MX1 Core Security is Matrix’s phone-in model. Should your vehicle be hijacked/stolen, Matrix is able to track and recover your vehicle. Key features range from National Network Coverage and X-Ray Vison to FastTrac technology.

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    MX2 Enhanced Safety

    The MX2 extends beyond core security to include proactive, advanced technology that provides an ‘early warning’ service. With early warning technology we can identify potential dangers, and proactively respond.

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    MX3 - Advanced Safety +

    Providing you with core tracking and recovery services, MX3, will in addition, assist you with on-the-road emergencies and provide you with value-added vehicle lifestyle services.

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Matrix offers one of the most technologically advanced telematics and stolen vehicle recovery services in the industry.

  • MX 1

    • Save money on your insurance - installing a Matrix tracking device could lower your premium with most insurers.
    • Auto test testing and confidence checks – unit functionality is automatically tested at regular intervals and Matrix will test your unit upon request at any time.
    • Fast track – we can locate the proximity of your vehicle quickly, provided GSM coverage is available.
    • 24/7 National operations centre – 24/7 365 day access to Matrix recovery services
    • X-Ray vision – we can locate the proximity of your vehicle even when parked in a basement or under cover
    • Dedicated recovery teams – access to privately contracted rapid response agents and in association with the SAPS, nationally.
    • Battery Back-up – keeps the unit active when your vehicle’s battery is disconnected, is stolen or runs flat.
    • Free Recovery* – free recovery with no hidden costs (*terms and conditions apply)
  • MX 2

    • Includes all the benefits of MX1
    • GPS Pinpoint positioning – enables positioning of the exact location of your vehicle
    • Battery tamper alarm – alerts Matrix when your battery is being tampered with
    • Smartphone tracking – track your vehicle(s) anytime, anywhere, with selected smartphones in real-time
    • Internet tracking – enables you to locate your vehicle(s) or loved ones over the internet at any time, day or night
    • Early warning – alerts Matrix should your vehicle be driven without your consent
    • Matrix App – provides on-the-go accessibility to vehicle tracking and vehicle admin and places emergency assistance at your fingertips via your Smartphone.
    • Border alerts – should your vehicle be near the South African border, we will call you to confirm if your vehicle is under authorised possession.
  • MX 3

    • Includes all the benefits of MX1 and MX2
    • Crash alert – sends an automatic alert to our control room in the event of an accident, which enables us to locate your vehicle and send emergency assistance (if needed).
    • Roadside assistance – in the event of a breakdown simply press the button on your remote control. We will call you and send roadside assistance to your exact GPS co-ordinates, nationally.
    • NoGo-Zones – an alarm will notify Matrix and we will then call you the minute your vehicle enters a predefined area.
    • Tax Logbook – enables you to easily generate an accurate tax logbook according to your business and personal trips
    • Service Notifications – notifies you when your vehicle is in need of its next service

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750 Park of Commerce Blvd, Ste 100
Boca Raton
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Tel: +1 877 585 1088

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750 Park of Commerce Blvd, Ste 100
Boca Raton
FL 33487
Tel: +1 877 585 1088
  •    MiX Telematics has a demonstrated track record of providing effective fleet optimisation solutions and a clear appreciation for the values that drive NZ Bus. 
    Zane Fulljames, CEO, NZ Bus.
  •    We value human life above all else and this tool has certainly helped in ensuring our drivers arrive home safely every day. The MiX telematics fleet management solution gives us a window into our fleet’s performance and assists in our total cost of ownership models.   
    Richard Suckling, Fonterra Fleet Services Technical Manager.
  •    Murrays has been using MiX Telematics since May 2010. It enables us to maintain real-time, high-resolution information, and situational awareness about our vehicles’ and our drivers’ on-road performance. 
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  •    Permanent training, monitoring and motivation to live the Praxair safety policy is a crucial factor of our business. To integrate safety and economic driving to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions is a fantastic approach in terms of corporate responsibility. 
    Joachim Walter, Supply Chain Manager Bulk & Package Gases at Praxair Germany

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