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Keep your fleet safe and well managed, we offer the most advanced and innovative technology to provide you with full service fleet management solutions.



State of the art fleet management products & services from MiX Telematics provide the most comprehensive range of fleet management information available today. Our flagship product, the FM Communicator, will meet all your fleet management and telelmatics requirements.

Our innovative technology will save you money targeting specific areas such as:

  • Fuel management
  • Driver Safety
  • Carbon Emission management
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Journey Management


Fuel Management

Fuel ManagementFuel is often the second biggest expense (after staff costs) on a Fleet Manager's income statement and since you can't manage what you don't measure, we support a variety of methods to measure fuel - off the vehicle's CAN-bus (through the FMS gateway) or using a fuel-flow meter.

Hours of Service

Hours of ServiceWith the ever expanding regulatory environment for Hours of Service / working hours legislation, it is important to partner with a long-standing company with over 20 years of experience in maintaining and supporting hours of service compliance electronically. We have solutions for the USA market as well as for Europe.

IFTA State Line Crossing

IFTAAt MiX Telematics we understand the frustration with traditional methods of gathering state mileage information for IFTA reporting in the USA. We have designed a “hands-free” solution enabling your drivers to continue to do their job without the need to keep a log of miles/kilometres or routes taken.

Driver Safety

Driver SafetyMiX Telematics provides integrated driver safety solutions to businesses that embrace a culture of ensuring employee and community safety and maintain the highest QHSE standards. Often termed a driver monitor, the solution provides key safety information and functionality.

Journey Management

MiX Telematics offers Journey Management solutions to our customers around the world. These dedicated and unique around-the-clock journey management service along with driver safety consulting are vitally important, especially within the Oil and Gas Industry.

Connected Navigation

MiX Telematics provides a connected navigation solution that enables you to better manage and communicate with your drivers and mobile workers. Using 3rd party display and navigation devices along with your Fleet Manager system, you can send job messages including address details to drivers to ensure they are navigated to the correct address(es).

Messaging & Voice

MessagingMiX Telematics offers optional messaging and voice features for fleet manager who need to communicate with their drivers. Connecting an in-cab device such as the MiX Display allows managers and drivers to send free-text or standard messages between office and vehicle, minimizing communication costs. Alternatively, the optional hands-free voice kit  from MiX Telematics enables drivers to receive calls form the office or dial up to 4 pre-defined numbers from the vehicle.

Vehicle Performance

MiX Telematics provides arguably the broadest range of fleet management information available on the market today. Detailed information about the performance and movements of your drivers and vehicles is available at your fingertips, delivered to you via FM-Web, our secure web hosted system.

Carbon Emissions

Our products can help your company go green. Monitor and reduce fuel consumption, which will lead to a reduction in your fleet's carbon emissions.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle TrackingMiX Telematics pioneered GSM based vehicle tracking technology in South Africa and has a number of different vehicle tracking products on offer - ranging from entry level products such as the MX1 for pure stolen vehicle recovery to the sophisticated FM Communicator. In fact just about every product in MiX Telematics' portfolio is equipped to offer tracking features of varying complexity to consumers and commercial customers.


MiX Telematics is a global leader in fleet management; offering solutions to single vehicles, fleets, and multiple vehicle super fleets. Our solutions allow you to effectively manage your mobile assets and ensure a substantial return on your investment.

MiX Telematics offers advanced and innovative technology with global a presence in over 112 countries on six continents. At our Operations Centres we provide 24/7 dedicated customer service and have professional recovery teams on standby; giving you peace of mind that your fleet is safe.

If you are looking for the ultimate fleet management services and solutions, tracking and recovery service and protection for your assets, look no further than the MiX Telematics fleet management products.



The FM Communicator lets you manage your drivers and vehicles in real-time, regardless of where they are. 


FM-Web is a simple, easy-to-use information and tracking portal for fleet managers, helping them to monitor and manage their vehicles and drivers more efficiently. 


MiX Vision is an enhancement to MiX Telematics’ fleet management solution. Using video footage captured with in-vehicle cameras, MiX Vision delivers streaming video, with sound, allowing for visual clarity at the time of an event.


Built for FM-Web and MiX Fleet Mobile, Trailer Tracking from MiX Telematics offers essential online trailer tracking and monitoring services for fleet managers.


An advanced in-cab display that is affordable and easy to use, MiX Rovi allows fleet managers to streamline their fleet operations thanks to improved communication between drivers and their back offices.


The ultimate driver safety and fleet management solution is now available through the integration of Mobileye, a world-renowned driver safety system, and MiX Telematics’ flagship on-board computer, FM Communicator.


Fast, user-driven analysis and sharing of fleet data, MiX Insight Analyser enables self-service data interaction with fleet managers in a mobile and versatile way with real-time capabilities.


The FM Impact Sensor is designed and developed to accurately detect and record any impacts to equipment fitted with selected Fleet Manager on-board computers


The FM Keypad is a data input unit, designed to work in conjunction with the Fleet Manager on-board computer.


It is just a matter of time until the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act, AARTO, will come into effect in South Africa.


The MiX Telematics Satellite Communication Solution has been developed for use in areas with no or limited GSM/GPRS coverage.


The MIX Mobile application portfolio includes a range of smartphone applications designed to compliment our traditional web-based applications and services.


The FM Voice Kit is a hands-free kit capable of voice communications, designed to interface with the Fleet Manager range of on-board computers (OBC).


MiX Telematics provides Fleet Consulting services to their “connected” clients to ensure they receive the maximum return on investment from the MiX Telematics solution they have purchased.


The FM Wireless Kit allows data to be downloaded from, or uploaded to a Fleet Manager (FM) on-board computer using wireless LAN technology.


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