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MiX Telematics provides integrated driver safety solutions to its customers wishing to embrace high Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) standards within their companies.


driver-safety-flippedRoad safety is paramount to MiX Telematics. Research has shown that 80-95% of all vehicle crashes are related to human factors. That is why MiX Telematics strives to provide our customers with the best personal and driver safety solutions on the market. Our mission is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of your drivers and passengers in the hopes that our services can help reduce fatalities and injuries, thus improving road safety and helping you reach your own company goals.

Often referred to as a ‘driver monitor’ or "in vehicle monitoring system - IVMS", our Driver Safety solution provides key safety information and functionality on a number of different levels. Our services range from monitoring your employees’ driving habits and reporting on driving errors, to offering you a live analysis of any unfortunate incidents that may have occurred or driver training and safety consulting.  Standard services include driver identification and vehicle access control, driver scoring while optional services include driver certification management, journey management and consulting: anything your company may need to guarantee safety on every level.

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Improved driver behaviour

Bad driving habits are unsafe, unnecessary and can cause loss of life.  Poor driving ultimately also costs your organisation money. Together with an on-board computer and optional in-cab display system, MiX Telematics can provide your company with live information pertaining to the operation of your vehicles. The data instantly gets transmitted from your vehicle directly to one of our secure data centers so that management reports contain objective information. Drivers can also be alerted to their mistakes using the in-vehicle buzzer or a display device such as the RIBAS accessory

FM-Web Rag Scoring Reports Suite

This safety feature records driver-related events like over-speeding, over-revving, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration to classify driver behavior as Red, Amber, or Green. These classifications can then inform an employer whether or not they need to action any driver behaviour modification programmes for their employees, including additional training or counseling.

Driver Identification

Blue driver keyThe blue driver code-plug, commonly known as the driver tag, is used to control/restrict vehicle access and identify drivers to the vehicle. By using the driver tag you can ensure that each trip undertaken has a driver associated with it, thus enabling you to associate driving violations and events with specific drivers and enabling input into driver training & incentive programmes.

User-defined events

With this feature along with the standard events offered by our systems, you will be able to monitor, record, and highlight any driving errors made by those operating your vehicles in order to prompt any remedial action if necessary. Examples of user defined events include driving without the use of lights at night time, entry into no-go zones, etc.

Second by second incident analysis

Second by second interval data is recorded highlighting things like speed and RPM to be used in an analysis of vehicle incidents.

Journey Management

MiX Telematics has established regional Journey Management Centres that are each dedicated to provide our clients with unique round-the-clock management services and safety consulting.

Driver Certification

Driver CertificationTo ensure that drivers have current and appropriate licenses to operate your vehicles, their drivers’ certifications can be recorded and managed.


Protecting the safety of your employees is of paramount importance to all organizations around the world. Global companies like Schlumberger in the Oil & Gas industry have proven that the introduction of training, technology and systems to help enforce their safety policies result in dramatic benefits to employees and the community.

Benefits include:

  • Reduction in incidents
  • Improved driver safety and well being
  • Improved passenger safety and well being
  • Improved community awareness and social responsibilty
  • Reduction in fatalities
  • Reduction in accident related costs



The FM Communicator lets you manage your drivers and vehicles in real-time, regardless of where they are. 


While vehicle and driver events are recorded within the FM Communicator or FM Tracer and communicated to FM-Web for analysis and reporting, the RIBAS™ display provides the driver with real-time event information in a visual and audible form inside the cab.


FM-Web is a simple, easy-to-use information and tracking portal for fleet managers, helping them to monitor and manage their vehicles and drivers more efficiently. 


The ultimate driver safety and fleet management solution is now available through the integration of Mobileye, a world-renowned driver safety system, and MiX Telematics’ flagship on-board computer, FM Communicator.


The MiX Telematics Satellite Communication Solution has been developed for use in areas with no or limited GSM/GPRS coverage.



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