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Manage running costs, reduce carbon footprint, improve road safety, decrease accidents and improve passenger comfort and safety.


Bus and CoachWith an installed base totalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles, MiX Telematics is a leading provider of fleet management solutions to many of the world’s top bus and coach companies and understand the unique needs of this transportation sector.

Our work across a broad spectrum of operators clearly evidences the capacity of our solutions to drive substantial improvements in fuel economy and CO2 emissions, reduce accident rates and enhance the passenger experience.
The MiX Telematics team of industry experts will work alongside your team to deploy our leading-edge mobile computing hardware into your vehicles at times that will ensure that your operations will be unaffected. The vehicle data collected will be presented through our web-based application which will arm you with a comprehensive suite of management reports to help drive your business forward.

“This is an initiative all bus operators should look at; it helps drivers do their job, improves customer care and ultimately will save the company money.  We thoroughly recommend it.”


Fleet Management

Telematics has evolved to become a business essential for Fleet Managers providing the vital link between a company, its vehicles and drivers. Today, fleet management solutions not only help managers to reduce their fleet running costs but they also enable them to improve accident rates, better manage on-vehicle stock and reduce their carbon footprint.


ConsultingCustomers deploy MiX Telematics solutions because they want to realise specific business objectives, usually in response to some kind of presenting problem. It is on the delivery of these benefits that we focus our energies, ensuring that we work with our clients in a way that fully addresses any people, system and process issues as appropriate to achieve your objectives.

Improved driver behaviour

Bad driving habits are unsafe, unnecessary and can cause loss of life.  Poor driving ultimately also costs your organisation money. Together with an on-board computer and optional in-cab display system, MiX Telematics can provide your company with live information pertaining to the operation of your vehicles. The data instantly gets transmitted from your vehicle directly to one of our secure data centers so that management reports contain objective information. Drivers can also be alerted to their mistakes using the in-vehicle buzzer or a display device such as the RIBAS accessory.

Trip Reports and Vehicle Utilisation

ReportsTrip reports provide insight into the journeys undertaken by drivers, highlighting exceptions (e.g. entry into no-go zones), driving violations (e.g. over speeding), and include details such as trip start date and time, location from which departed, trip distance, end location, driving time, idling time, parking time, associated driver, etc.

Fuel management

Fuel ManagementWith this exciting solution by MiX Telematics, transport and logistics fleet customers have achieved a fuel consumption savings of up to 15 %. Our systems allow you to monitor the fuel consumption of each of your vehicles individually, and by extension the fuel efficiency of your whole fleet, giving you an immediate return on investment.

Driver Identification

Blue driver keyThe blue driver code-plug, commonly known as the driver tag, is used to control/restrict vehicle access and identify drivers to the vehicle. By using the driver tag you can ensure that each trip undertaken has a driver associated with it, thus enabling you to associate driving violations and events with specific drivers and enabling input into driver training & incentive programmes.

FM-Web Rag Scoring Reports Suite

This safety feature records driver-related events like over-speeding, over-revving, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration to classify driver behavior as Red, Amber, or Green. These classifications can then inform an employer whether or not they need to action any driver behaviour modification programmes for their employees, including additional training or counseling.

Managed Services

Managed ServicesKeeping your team in the field connected to the office not only enables a rapid response to customer requests, but also provides visibility so that you can send the most appropriate resource to the next job, fight rising fuel and salary costs and invoice much sooner.

Training and Development

MiX Telematics provide an extensive range of flexible training solutions to those clients who want to develop their operational performance and realise improved return on investment.


RibasBeing one of the world’s leading providers in bus and coach services, we have helped our clients deliver many millions of pounds of additional profit through their use of our Fleet Management solutions. With over 25 years of experience, MiX Telematics has unrivalled knowledge of telematics technologies that will keep your Bus and Coach fleet running smoothly.

Not only is quality of service important, but a quick response time is key to delivering the best solutions to clients. MiX Telematics has over 600 employees world-wide that are able to deliver rapid deployment of our solutions to deliver a quick return on investment.

Bus operators have seen the following benefits that all contribute to the system paying for itself in under a year!

  • Improved road, driver and passenger safety
  • Fuel savings of up to 15% in some cases
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced wear and tear therefore savings on maintenance



The FM Communicator lets you manage your drivers and vehicles in real-time, regardless of where they are. 


While vehicle and driver events are recorded within the FM Communicator or FM Tracer and communicated to FM-Web for analysis and reporting, the RIBAS™ display provides the driver with real-time event information in a visual and audible form inside the cab.


FM-Web is a simple, easy-to-use information and tracking portal for fleet managers, helping them to monitor and manage their vehicles and drivers more efficiently. 


MiX Vision is an enhancement to MiX Telematics’ fleet management solution. Using video footage captured with in-vehicle cameras, MiX Vision delivers streaming video, with sound, allowing for visual clarity at the time of an event.


An advanced in-cab display that is affordable and easy to use, MiX Rovi allows fleet managers to streamline their fleet operations thanks to improved communication between drivers and their back offices.


Fast, user-driven analysis and sharing of fleet data, MiX Insight Analyser enables self-service data interaction with fleet managers in a mobile and versatile way with real-time capabilities.


The driver code-plug - or blue key as it is often called - is used to identify drivers and control access to vehicles.


MiX Telematics' Carbon Offset Initiative solutions bring about fleet carbon neutrality and overall improvements in productivity and driver safety, representing significant value for commercial fleet management customers.


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