Fleet operators are faced with changing routes and varying journeys every day. With this in mind, MiX Telematics delivers the perfect web-based solution to their ever-changing needs. MiX React is a powerful route planning, monitoring and optimisation tool.

MiX offers a wide variety of training and consultative education options for its customers. Our instructors assist clients by identifying risk, and helping mitigate exposure through proven contemporary training programs.


Manage running costs, reduce carbon footprint, improve road safety, decrease accidents and improve passenger comfort and safety.


Intellichain by MiX Telematics focuses on integrated supply chain and transport management solutions for our enterprise fleet customers in South Africa.


Bringing the ability to track vehicles across the globe from your PC or even the palm of your hand, MiX Telematics offers the best and most comprehensive vehicle tracking solutions in the industry.


Providing specialised solutions for the Transport and Logistics industry, helping customers save money by improving fuel efficiency and reducing running costs.


MiX Telematics boasts a range of premium and entry level stolen vehicle recovery products & services to meet the needs of all consumers in South Africa.


Providing companies in the Oil and Gas industry, no matter their size, an effective solution ensuring ultimate driver safety and QHSE compliance.


Many leasing companies use MiX Telematics for a vehicle management system that enables them to provide their customers comprehensive and accurate fleet data and controls.


Patented technology detects crossing of state lines and produces a clear and concise report listing all mileage by vehicle and state without any interaction from the vehicle operator.


Use technology and services from MiX Telematics to help you comply with regional and national Hours of Service legislation in the USA and Europe.


Keep your fleet safe and well managed, we offer the most advanced and innovative technology to provide you with full service fleet management solutions.


MiX Telematics provides integrated driver safety solutions to its customers wishing to embrace high Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) standards within their companies.


Through both MiX Telematics’ consumer and fleet solutions, personal safety is on top of the priority list and remains a guiding factor as to why thousands of people choose a MiX Telematics products and/or service.


Our customers experience an average of 10% savings on their fuel costs - in many cases, this saving reaches 15%. How? MiX Telematics’ proven telematics solutions include a range of fuel-efficiency-boosting features that enable fleet customers to better manage their drivers and vehicles.



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