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MiX Telematics helps fleet operators to increase productivity and bottom line results by providing critical information proactively or on-demand and streamlining communication with mobile workers.

By integrating with best-of-breed navigation and messaging devices, MiX Telematics enables safe, cheap and efficient communication between your drivers and the office, enabling you to track your drivers and vehicles in real-time. This enables you to optimise your route planning, enhance customer service and bring about overall improvements in operational productivity.

By being able to easily identify the driver closest to a customer site and assign jobs accordingly, you can more accurately predict estimated arrival times, ensure clear and specific job instructions, better manage routes and delivery schedules, and improve the experience of your customers.


Manage running costs, reduce carbon footprint, improve road safety, decrease accidents and improve passenger comfort and safety.


Our customers experience an average of 10% savings on their fuel costs - in many cases, this saving reaches 15%. How? MiX Telematics’ proven telematics solutions include a range of fuel-efficiency-boosting features that enable fleet customers to better manage their drivers and vehicles.


Use technology and services from MiX Telematics to help you comply with regional and national Hours of Service legislation in the USA and Europe.


Patented technology detects crossing of state lines and produces a clear and concise report listing all mileage by vehicle and state without any interaction from the vehicle operator.

Fleet operators are faced with changing routes and varying journeys every day. With this in mind, MiX Telematics delivers the perfect web-based solution to their ever-changing needs. MiX React is a powerful route planning, monitoring and optimisation tool.



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