Health Safety and Environment

MiX Telematics offers a range of controls and reports to help customers ensure compliance with health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations in their relevant countries and industries.

Providing information about fleet drivers’ behaviour, MiX Telematics enables you to flag poor driving habits in a timely manner and to subsequently implement more effective driver training and safety programmes.

In terms of environmental impact, MiX Telematics solutions help fleet operators to manage and reduce their fuel consumption, leading to reduced carbon emissions and savings in fleet operating costs. The MiX Carbon Offset Initiative further assists you to take responsibility for your fleet’s carbon footprint; the service involves the calculation of your fleet-related carbon footprints and the process of offsetting your footprint through the investment in certified global carbon reduction projects.


MiX Telematics provides integrated driver safety solutions to its customers wishing to embrace high Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) standards within their companies.


Our customers experience an average of 10% savings on their fuel costs - in many cases, this saving reaches 15%. How? MiX Telematics’ proven telematics solutions include a range of fuel-efficiency-boosting features that enable fleet customers to better manage their drivers and vehicles.


Providing companies in the Oil and Gas industry, no matter their size, an effective solution ensuring ultimate driver safety and QHSE compliance.



Carbon Offset Initiative

COI iconMiX Telematics launched the MiX Carbon Offset Initiative (COI), which further assists fleet customers in taking responsibility for their carbon footprint.

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Driver Safety